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Injecting fillers in the cheek

filler up!

What are Fillers and why would I want to use them?
When we are young, our skin looks its best because it's rich in naturally occurring collagen, Hyaluronic Acid and plenty of water.

However, as we age, our skin begins to loose many of those elements, resulting in a loss of skin volume. This manifests as fine lines and deeper shadows appearing on our face and skin. Both these effects give us an aged appearance.

But aging isn't the only cause of these effects, in some people their skin has always naturally lacked volume, especially in their lips or cheeks.

No matter the reason, a loss or lack of volume can be corrected with fillers. Fillers are made of either injectable form of hyaluronic acid or newer agents such as Poly-L-lactic Acid.

Hyaluronic Acid is a natural substance normally found all over your body including in your skin and joints. Hyaluronic Acid, whether naturally in your body or injected from the outside, primarily acts to attract water.

This water in combination with the filler itself helps to straighten the skin, removing fine lines and shadows, ultimately giving a more youthful appearance.

Poly-L-lactic Acid, known as Sculptra, and other newer fillers act to not only attract water to the area but also stimulate collagen production.

Healthy skin, rich in water (blue droplets). Water is what provides your skin with its fullness

As we age, our skin loses water and collagen which results in less fullness and depressions appear. Depressions, or fine lines and wrinkles, create shadows giving us an older appearance.

Fillers can be injected under the skin which will attract water and stimulate collagen formation

When properly performed, fillers will replace lost volume and fill out the skin. This gives skin a more youthful appearance with less lines and shadows

Before and After
Slide the white bar to see before and after photos of Filler injection. After photos are taken 7-120 days after injection.
Cheeks and Laugh Lines
before photo after photo
Frown Lines
before photo after photo
Where can Fillers be used?
Almost any area can be treated with fillers. The most commonly treated areas include the neck, cheeks, temples, lips, undereyes, chin, jawline, perioral skin, hands and ears.

But not all fillers can be used in every area. In fact, there are many brands and types of fillers available, each of them are intended for certain problem areas.
How long will the results last?
Most results will last between 9-12 months.

Long acting fillers are also available, such as Juvederm Voluma XC®, which can last much longer.

Also, over time as you use more filler, your body will break less of it down and results will last longer.
Which is the best brand of filler to use?
There is no one size fits all answer. We offer a broad array of filler to choose from. Hyaluronic Acid fillers include Juvederm® and Restylane®. Sculptra® is a well known Poly-L-lactic Acid filler.

The choice of filler will come down to which area is being treated, what kind of results you are looking for and how long you want the effects to last.

During your consultation, Dr. Ava will help choose the best filler depending on your needs and anatomy.
How much downtime should I expect?
We recommend a week of recovery time. Bruising and swelling commonly occur.
I don't want to look overdone, are fillers the right choice for me?
Yes, when using the appropriate filler and right amounts, very natural results can be achieved. We will discuss what kind of results you are looking during your consultation.
Can fillers be done at the same time as other procedures?
Yes, fillers can often be done at the same time as other common procedures such as Botox®, chemical peels and microneedling.